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How It Works


Choose your dialect

At the moment you can choose between Swabian, Palatinate and Low German.



Learn the dialect and vocabulary in many different lessons.



Go out into the world and surprise people with your newly learned dialect.

What is Hugo?

Germany's culture is characterized above all by a large variety of different dialects. It's a shame that fewer and fewer people speak these dialects and a lot of the history and charm is lost. At the same time, there is hardly any opportunity for people who grew up without a dialect to learn it.

With our app we want to preserve the dialects and people Give people the opportunity to learn these without having to live in the relevant region or know people who speak the respective dialect. Through HUGO, we drop barriers in a playful way; the newly arrived person can now get involved in village discussions and better understand the peculiarities of the community.


Lots of mini games

Each lesson includes 15 mini-games

Learn vocabulary

Easily look up vocabulary in the dictionary

Celebrate successes

Collect stickers after each lesson and share them with your friends

Create an avatar

Create a username and profile picture

Compete against your friends

Add your friends and compete together in the rankings

Play from anywhere

You can skip lessons with sound

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